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I am a high energy physicist and collider theorist. My primary research focuses on understanding the origin of tiny, nonzero neutrino masses and tests of neutrino mass models (Seesaw models) at collider experiments, such as the Large Hadron Collider. This includes extended gauge sectors (LR-Symmetric, GUT models), scalar sectors (SU(2)L doublets and triplets), and fermionic sectors (SU(2)L singlets and triplets). I have a particular interest in collider signatures involving initial-state electroweak vector bosons (vector boson fusion/scattering) and the impact of (resummed) QCD corrections on (new physics) collider processes. This includes resummation in the context of perturbative QCD and SCET.
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CP3-21-59: The Effective W Approximation in High-Energy Muon Collisions
R. Ruiz, O.Mattelaer, F. Maltoni, a. Constantini

Refereed paper. October 15.


CP3-20-63: Probing the Weinberg Operator at Colliders
Fuks, Benjamin and Neundorf, Jonas and Peters, Krisztian and Ruiz, Richard and Saimpert, Matthias

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Refereed paper. December 16.
CP3-20-50: Majorana Neutrinos in Same-Sign $W^\pm W^\pm$ Scattering at the LHC: Breaking the TeV Barrier
Fuks, Benjamin and Neundorf, Jonas and Peters, Krisztian and Ruiz, Richard and Saimpert, Matthias

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Refereed paper. November 2.
CP3-20-41: Anatomy of inclusive $t\overline{t}W$ production at hadron colliders
von Buddenbrock, Stefan and Ruiz, Richard and Mellado, Bruce

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Refereed paper. August 21.
CP3-20-39: A quantitative study on helicity inversion in Majorana neutrino decays at the LHC
Richard Ruiz

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Refereed paper. July 31.

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  • Safe Jet Vetoes [arXiv:1805.09335]
    A first look at the theoretical and phenomenological impact of dynamical jet vetoes on new physics searches. (2018)

  • Lepton Number Violation: Seesaw Models and Their Collider Tests [arXiv:1711.02180]
    Exhaustive (and exhausting!) review on collider tests of neutrino mass models (2017)

  • Neutrino Jets from High-Mass WR Gauge Bosons in TeV-Scale Left-Right Symmetric Models [arXiv:1607.03504]
    Proposal for the "neutrino jet" collider signature / object. (2016)