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CP3-21-39: Vector Boson Scattering Processes: Status and Prospects
Buarque, Diogo and others

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Refereed paper. June 23.
CP3-21-12: Combined SMEFT interpretation of Higgs, diboson and top quark data from the LHC
Jacob J. Ethier, Fabio Maltoni, Luca Mantani, Emanuele R. Nocera, Juan Rojo, Emma Slade, Eleni Vryonidou, Cen Zhang

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Refereed paper. April 26.
CP3-21-08: Circular polarisation of gamma rays as a probe of dark matter interactions with cosmic ray electrons
Marina Cermeño, Céline Degrande, Luca Mantani

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Refereed paper. March 26.


CP3-20-62: Studying dark matter with MadDM 3.1: a short user guide
Chiara Arina, Jan Heisig, Fabio Maltoni, Luca Mantani, Daniele Massaro, Olivier Mattelaer, Gopolang Mohlabeng

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Contribution to proceedings. December 15.
CP3-20-47: Closing in on t-channel simplified dark matter models
Chiara Arina, Benjamin Fuks, Luca Mantani, Hanna Mies, Luca Panizzi, Jakub Salko

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Refereed paper. October 14.

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