Xavier Rouby

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Member from September 2002 to July 2010
Current position: Founder & Director at Pfease (

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Research (PhD thesis) on gamma-gamma interactions.

  1. Development of Silicon edgeless detectors for roman pots.
  2. Co-author with Jérôme de Favereau of "Hector", a fast simulator for the transport of particles through beamlines.
  3. Software developments on the triggers for the CMS Forward Physics Group with Séverine Ovyn.
  4. Luminosity measurement with exclusive muon pairs in CMS. Observation of exclusive upsilon mesons in CMS.
Research directions:
Detector commissioning, operation and data processing

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CP3-09-53: Stand-alone Cosmic Muon Reconstruction Before Installation of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
CMS Tracker Collaboration (W. Adam et al.).

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial] [Full text]
Published in JINST 4:P05004,2009
Refereed paper. December 21.
CP3-09-52: Alignment of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker during stand-alone Commissioning.
W. Adam et al.

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in JINST 4:T07001,2009
Refereed paper. December 21.
CP3-09-01: Delphes, a framework for fast simulation of a generic collider experiment
S. Ovyn and X.Rouby

[Abstract] [PDF] [Full text]
Full description of the Delphes framework. Software manual in appendix
January 7.


CP3-08-74: Petal Integration for the CMS Tracker End Caps
T. Bergauer, et al.

[Full text]
CMS NOTE-2008/028. Public CMS note (internally peer-reviewed) about the construction of the CMS forward tracker.
Public experimental note. December 22.
CP3-08-70: The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
The CMS Collaboration

[Journal] [Full text]
The CMS Collaboration, "The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC", 2008 JINST 3 S08004, 361pp doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/S08004.
Refereed paper. December 10.

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