Larissa Lorenz

Former member
Member from September 2009 to July 2011
Current position: Researcher in Future Technologies and Innovation (Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V., Munich)
Research directions:
Cosmology and General Relativity

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Number of publications as IRMP member: 3


CP3-11-16: Observational signatures of a non-singular bouncing cosmology
Marc Lilley, Larissa Lorenz, Sebastien Clesse

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in JCAP 06 (2011) 004.
Refereed paper. April 19.


CP3-10-21: Cosmic string loop distribution on all length scales and at any redshift
Larissa Lorenz, Christophe Ringeval and Mairi Sakellariadou

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in JCAP 10 (2010) 003

Refereed paper. June 7.
CP3-10-15: Geometrically Consistent Approach to Stochastic DBI Inflation
Larissa Lorenz, Jerome Martin, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in Phys. Rev. D82, 023515 (2010)
Refereed paper. April 22.