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    1 = Welcome to the !MadGraph version 5 Wiki =
     1= Welcome to Trac 0.12 =
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    4 This wiki is dedicated to the !MadGraph 5 project.
     27TracGuide is a good place to start.
    6 !MadGraph 5 is the new version of the !MadGraph matrix element generator, written in the Python programming language. It implements a number of new, efficient algorithms that provide improved performance and functionality in all aspects of the program. It features a new user interface, several new output formats including C++ process libraries for Pythia 8, and full compatibility with [ FeynRules] for new physics models implementation, allowing for event generation for any model that can be written in the form of a Lagrangian. !MadGraph 5 builds on the same philosophy as the previous versions, and its design allows it to be used as a collaborative platform where theoretical, phenomenological and simulation projects can be developed and then distributed to the high-energy community.
     29Enjoy! [[BR]]
     30''The Trac Team''
    8 For downloads, an overview on the project, , or for any question related to it, please meet us on [ Launchpad].
    10 If you are an authorized developer, please start [DevelopmentPage here].
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    38 <h2><a name="Events_library"></a> Events library </h2>
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    40 <a href="" class="twikiLink">MadGraph Samples for the LHC</a>
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    46 == !MadGraph5 FAQ ==
    48 * [WhatIs What is MadGraph 5]
    49 * [HelpSyntax What is the syntax for MG5?]
    51 == Trac Documentation ==
     32== Starting Points ==
    5334 * TracGuide --  Built-in Documentation