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    11= Welcome to the !MadGraph version 5 Wiki =
    3 This wiki is dedicated to the !MadGraph 5 project, the new version of !MadGraph following the current stable version 4. Since this project is still under heavy development, access to most of the present wiki is restricted to developers, beta testers and a limited set of users. For "real" physics work, we advise you to carefully check any results by !MadGraph 5, or use the latest release of !MadGraph version 4 that you can find on our [ online cluster].
    5 For an overview of the project advancement, or for any question related to it, please meet us on [ Launchpad].
     4This wiki is dedicated to the !MadGraph 5 project.
     6MadGraph 5 is the new version of the MadGraph matrix element generator, written in the Python programming language. It implements a number of new, efficient algorithms that provide improved performance and functionality in all aspects of the program. It features a new user interface, several new output formats including C++ process libraries for Pythia 8, and full compatibility with FeynRules for new physics models implementation, allowing for event generation for any model that can be written in the form of a Lagrangian. MadGraph 5 builds on the same philosophy as the previous versions, and its design allows it to be used as a collaborative platform where theoretical, phenomenological and simulation projects can be developed and then distributed to the high-energy community.
     8For downloads, an overview on the project, , or for any question related to it, please meet us on [ Launchpad].
    710If you are an authorized developer, please start [DevelopmentPage here].