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What is MadGraph 5?

MadGraph 5 is a complete rewrite of the automatized matrix element generator MadGraph.

It is written in the Python programming language using modern programming techniques, including modular design and a complete test suite, making it easy to maintain and extend. All core functionality of the Fortran version of MadGraph is retained, but using completely new algorithms and implementations. This allows MadGraph 5 to produce faster matrix element code, often in a fraction of the time needed by MadGraph 4.

Besides the functionality already available in MG4, also many new developments are foreseen in the near future. Examples are automatic generation of processes for Pythia 8, fast multijet process matrix elements, automatic NLO process generation, and automatic helicity amplitude and model file generation for any new physics model that can be described using a Lagrangean.

Please see the syntax help page for similarities and differences in process specification syntax compared to MG4.

MadGraph 5 can be downloaded from or run directly from our web servers.