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Which topdrawer version should I use with MadAnalysis?

Topdrawer is a SLAC software of which different versions are in circulation. For the automatic plotting after event generation MadAnalysis needs to be able to cut a topdrawer file in smaller files, convert them to postscript files and rotate the single plots automatically to put them in a web page. As the syntax for conversion and rotating plots is not the same in all version some errors, or even a complete stop of the MadGraph/MadEvent run might be expected if a non-default version of topdrawer is used for the automatic plotting.

We recommend the following pre-compiled versions of topdrawer:

The sources that are available from here are not supported. (But might still be useful if neither of the above pre-compiled versions work or you are not using the automatic plotting, but running MadAnalysis by hand.)

Note: For 64 bit linux version, you can use the library ia32-libs in order to use the 32 bit version available above.

A complete topdrawer reference manual can be found here.

-- Main.RikkertFrederix - 2010-08-26

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