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Test for lecture 2

  1. Explain the differences between global and local, exact and spontaneously broken symmetries.
  2. Why is a Higgs boson required to give mass to the W and Z bosons? Why is it required for fermions in the SM?
  3. In the SM, the Higgs field is a doublet. Couldn't it be a triplet? Explain.
  4. Why are there no flavour changing neutral currents (FCNC) at tree-level in the SM?
  5. What is the golden argument that there is new physics at a scale of 1 !TeV?
  6. True or false: the hierachy problem makes the SM mathematically inconsistent. Explain.
  7. What are the direct, indirect and theoretical constraints on the Higgs mass we know?

-- Main.ClaudeDuhr - 03 Sep 2008