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Taller Altas Energías 2008 - Madrid <br><br> Particle Physics Phenomenology and the LHC


  • Fabio Maltoni (lecturer)
  • Claude Duhr (tutor)


Find the pdf of the 3 x 1.5 hours lecture:

A brief tutorial on Software.MadGraph / Software.MadEvent can be found here.


  • Lecture 1 : QCD and Collider Physics by Keith Ellis, James Stirling, Bryan Webber (Cambridge Monographs, 1996).
  • Lecture 2 : "Standard Model of electroweak interactions", by A. Pich, [hep-ph/0502010].
  • Lecture 3 : [:FurtherReading:Perspectives on LHC physics, Ed. by G. Kane and A. Pierce].

Answers to some of the questions asked during lecture can be found [:QandA:here].

Tests and Exercises

The following tests help to understand the lectures better, and to prepare for the exercises related to the different lectures:

  • [:TestLecture1:Test for lecture 1].
  • [:TestLecture2:Test for lecture 2].

A pdf with the exercises related to the lectures can be found here. <BR> Some of the exercises proposed can be "solved" or checked with Software.MadGraph / Software.MadEvent. <BR>

Introduction to hadron collisions
  • [:SimpleKinematics:Kinematics at the LHC]: single particle quantities.
  • [:2Jets:Jets] : Di-jet kinematics and rates in pp collisions.
  • [:3Jets:3 Jets] : Energy distributions in 3-jet events.
  • Drell-Yan : Study the rapidity asymmetry at the Tevatron.
Higgs and top
  • [:HiggsPheno:Higgs] : Higgs phenomenology at hadron colliders.
  • [:tt:top production] : %$t \bar t$% production, Tevatron vs LHC.

New Physics
  • [:tprime:t' production] : %$t'$% production at the LHC.
  • [:X:New resonances]: Discover new resonances at the LHC.


Familiarize with Software.MadGraph

  • Familiarize with the code by generating a few processes in QED + QCD trying to guess which diagrams appear.
  • Look at the new physics models and check the particle and interactions content.
  • Generate events for a few selected processes and look at the plots:
    • ttbar production with decays: pp>tt~>bb~mu+e-ve~vm
    • VV production: pp>VV> leptons, with V=Z,W.
    • Single top + Higgs: pp>tHj (QCD=0, QED=3, j=gudsc,p=gudscb). Show that there is a large negative interference between the diagrams.

Analysis Tools


For those interested in Monte Carlo techniques, here are some exercises:

  • Write the simplest integration function based on the definition of average and error
  • Importance sampling via an analytic transformation
  • Von Neumann's rejection method : plain and improved
  • Phase space for 1 -> n particles
  • Vegas
  • Top decay : comparison among the various methods
  • qq -> tt production

All exercises are presented and solved this Mathematica Notebook: mc101.nb. Reference: Introduction to MC methods, by Stefan Weinzierl

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