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Bottom and Top loop structure in ggH and ggA

Authors: Diogo Buarque Franzosi and Cen Zhang


This model allows the user to compute (pseudo-)scalar production through loop-induced gluon fusion at LO. Any decay can be specified and interference with tree-level background is included when it applies. It takes into account the full top and bottom loops. Scalar and pseudo-scalar have to be computed separately because the top and bottom Yukawas are specified by the same parameters yt and yb respectively. The masses and widths can be specified for particles numbers 25 and 9000006 for scalar and pseudo-scalar respectively.

After loading the model with

import model Higgs_Effective_Couplings_FormFact

the user can generate, for instance, the following processes:

generate p p > h > t t~ (signal scalar)

generate p p > h1 > t t~ (signal pseudo-scalar)

generate p p > t t~ HIG=1 / h1 (signal scalar + background and interference)

PS: Please replace Higgs_Effective_Couplings_FormFact/Fortran/functions.f with the file attached for some newer versions of MG.

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