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Effective field theory for weak boson pair production

Author : Celine Degrande

References :

  • C. Degrande, N. Greiner, W. Kilian, O. Mattelaer, H. Mebane, T. Stelzer, S. Willenbrock, C. Zhang, arXiv:1205.4231 [hep-ph]


This !MadGraph5 model is the implementation of the weak boson effective field theory described in arXiv:1205.4231 [hep-ph]. Namely, the model contains all the five dimension-six operators that modify the triple gauge boson vertices. Their coefficients can be set in the param_card.dat. The parameters in the param_card are the full coefficients, i.e. c_i/Lambda2 and are in TeV-2. The name are self-explanatory, c_WWW/Lambda2 is called CWWWL2 and similarly for C_W and C_B, the coefficients of the CP violating operators O_W~WW and O_W~ are CPWWWL2 and CPWL2 respectively. The new interaction has also an order NP (for new physics) which is the power of (1/Lambda) of the amplitude. For example, an amplitude with one vertex for a dimension-six operator is proportional to (1/Lambda2) and has NP=2.