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     3In this page you can find the most important news such as the release of new versions, new tools, new features,
     4as well as social events. Detailed technical information on versioning, code evolution and minor bug fixing
     5can be found in the  [ Update Notes].
     6<br><br>An equivalent file exist for [ MadWeight] : [  MadWeight Update Notes]:
     9=== News ===
     10   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">26-June-2009</FONT><br> MadEvent is now compatible with the LHAPDF module. So that you can run MadEvent with your favorite set of PDF.
     11   In the same time, we introduce a new routine: ./bin/ in order to select  gfortran in order to compile your directory.
     13   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">11-May-2009</FONT><br> New subversion of [ MadWeight] (now in subversion 2.2) See [  MadWeight Update Notes] for more information.
     15   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">21-Dec-2008</FONT><br>A bug has been recently discovered that might have affected xsec calculation and event generation starting from the second run in a given process directory if particular cuts (pt,...) have been lowered in run_card.dat after a first integration, or if the PDF/collider params have been changed. In many cases, ME forced the grid reset, but not systematically.<br>
     17   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">6-Dec-2008</FONT><br> [ MadOnia] is out   and available.<br>
     19   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Dec-2008</FONT><br> First beta version of USRMOD version 2, compatible with FeynRules models and now completely generic, is available. Contact [:MichelHerquet:Michel] for more info and help testing it.<br>
     21   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">17-Aug-2008</FONT><br> [ MadDipole] is out ([ arXiv:0808.2128])  and available.<br>
     23   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">06-Aug-2008</FONT><br> [ MadWeight] is out and available. For any decay chain and user-defined transfer functions, [ MadWeight] compute automatically the weights used in the matrix element method.<br>
     25   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">10-Jul-2008</FONT><br> MadGraph/MadEvent passed to version 4.3, including a new Grid run mode and a large number of new standard cuts<br>
     27   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">07-Jul-2008</FONT><br> New HELAS routines by Hagiwara et al.  for spin two particles included in the HELAS release,  [ arXiv:0805.2554]<br>
     29   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">26-Jun-2008</FONT><br>FeynRules is officially out, [ arXiv:0806.4194]<br>
     31   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">5-Feb-2008</FONT><br>Grid beta version installed on the development cluster. New cuts included!<br>
     33   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">17-Dec-2007</FONT><br> MadGraph version for calculation of quarkonium amplitudes in NRQCD available (on request). <br>
     35   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">11-Dec-2007</FONT><br>Version 4.2 including decay chains (beta) is now out and available on all clusters!<br>
     37   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">08-Dec-2007</FONT><br> A bug was discovered and fixed which affected the downloaded MG/ME package version 4.1.45-46 (on the UCL cluster 22 Nov - 8 Dec). If you downloaded one of these files, please download a new version (4.1.47 or later). Note that web generation was not affected.<br>
     39   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Dec-2007</FONT><br> The Roma cluster is available again after hardware fixing <br>
     41   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">07-Nov-2007</FONT><br> MadGraph/MadEvent now acts also as an automatic width calculator and decay event generator (from version 4.1.45).<br>
     43   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Oct-2007</FONT><br> Around 1400 registered users. <br>
     45   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">10-Aug-2007</FONT><br> Major improvements in the generation efficiency.  Resonance intermediate information passed to the events improved (now always compatible with color information).<br>
     47   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">15-Jun-2007</FONT><br> MG/ME v4 paper is out: [ arXiv:0706.2334]<br>
     49   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Apr-2007</FONT><br> Version 4.1 including Matrix element/Parton shower jet matching a la MLM (using cone or kT jets) available from the web. <br>
     51   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">15-Mar-2007</FONT><br> The MadGraph/MadEvent Wiki page up and running!<br>
     53   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Mar-2007</FONT><br> New functionalities added to the results web page. The full generation chain can be performed one step at the time. <br>
     55   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">23-Feb-2007</FONT><br>An error was introduced in version 4.1.16-17 (Feb 2-9) which drastically degraded the efficiency of unweighting. If you generated a process or downloaded code between those dates, please regenerate the process/download a new version.<br>
     57   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">16-Feb-2007</FONT><br> Version 4 available on all the MadGraph severs/clusters.<br>
     59   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">9-Feb-2007</FONT><br>  New standalone version of MadGraph available. This is the current official version of the original program which is mostly meant for "theorists". Given a model and a (multi-)process, MadGraph Standalone creates the corresponding code for the matrix element squared. The resulting file is easily exportable to other codes, since the dependencies are kept to a minimum. The only libraries needed are for HELAS (libdhelas3.a) and for the MODEL (libmodel.a). These are automatically built and available in the libraries directory (lib). Parameters of the model are passed in a standardized format (LesHouchesII-like) through the param_card.dat. A sample program, <font color="#990000"> check </font>, that generates random points in phase space and returns the corresponding value of the matrix element is provided. Detailed instructions can be found in the README file. <br>
     61   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">19-Dec-2006:</FONT><br>
     62      Improved structure of the simulation chain (MadGraph -> Pythia -> PGS):<br>    Events are available as:  parton-level (Les Houches event file format), hadron-level, after showering and hadronization done in Pythia (stdhep), reconstructed objects after detector simulation (PGS4), with the new LHC Olympics format. Events at the three levels are also available as root files. Events can be traced from one stage to the other, since numbering is kept consistent along the simulation chain. A series of standard plots is provided at each step. <br>
     64   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">18-Dec-2006</FONT> <br> MadGraph Les Houches events are interfaced to the CMSSW framework. Thanks to <a href="" target="''top" >Dorian Kcira</a>. More info and examples on the <a href="" target="''top"> Wiki CMS page</a>.<br>
     66   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">22-May-2006</FONT><br> Version 4.0 ready! Highlights:<br>
     67      1. The full code (including the web interface) is now managed under CVS and can be exported easily to other clusters.
     68      1. Automatic event generation from the web up to PGS events.
     69      1. New models available: MSSM, 2HDM, HEFT,...
     70      1. Setting up new models has been made easy. USRMOD is a framework where to implement new models. All the "fortran" work is taken care by a Perl script. The user only provides Feynman rules and relations between primary parameters and those appearing in the Feynman rules.
     71      1. New card system. From the process generation to the events in PGS. Model parameters are given by a LH friendly file.
     72      1. Calculators for generating LH cards available for the SM, MSSM, 2HDM.
     74   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">16-Feb-2006</FONT>  <BR> [ TwoHiggsCalc], The new Two Higgs Doublets Model Parameter Calculator, compliant with the SLHA format, has been released. <br> 
     76   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">21-Dic-2005 </FONT> <BR> [ SMadGraph], the Supersymmetric version of MadGraph, has been released! Implementation into MadEvent coming soon..! <br> 
     78   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">21-Dic-2005 </FONT> <BR>New [ interface] to Pythia by Johan Alwall.<br>
     80   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">18-Nov-2005</FONT> <br> Number of registered users >500 .<br>
     82   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">16-Nov-2005</FONT> <br> Minimal User Guide updated.<br>
     84   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">29-Oct-2005</FONT> <br> System upgrade and migration to new disk completed.
     85  New <a href="Downloads/MadAnalysis.tar.gz">interface</a> to Root by <a href="" target="_top">Marco Zanetti</a> (CMS, Padova-Italy) implemented on the web.  MadGraph Les-Houches-compliant event files are imported to Root and a tree is created (rootfile) that  can be dowloaded from the results page.  It contains '''all''' the information (including the banner) of the original ASCII data file,  plus a simple set of plots which can be used for further analysis.<br>
     87   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">08-Aug-2005:</FONT>  <br>
     88  New plotting routines implemented. A simple set of plots is automatically generated at the end of
     89  the run and showed on the results page.
     90  Jets and identical particles are automatically ordered in pt.<br>
     92   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">01-Aug-2005</FONT><br>
     93  Database beta version in place. Administrator web page functional. Banner upload functional: event sets can be exactly reproduced on the web.<br>
     95   * <FONT COLOR="#990099">25-Jun-2005:</FONT><br>
     96  New web version available. Major improvements in the perl scripts and web generation of events.
     97  Banner improved: all the information about a run is contained in the input-card.dat that is stored
     98  on top of the event file (banner). Handling of multiparticles schemes made automatic.<br>
     101-- Main.PierreArtoisenet - 26 Dec 2008