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     2== MatchChecker ==
     4MadMatchChecker is a tool to obtain easily informations related to matching in MadGraph/MadEvent.
     5It uses as input STDHEP files and produces plots in PostScript (eps) format.
     6A certain number of variable have been chosen to be looked:
     7For each sample produced with matching, differential jet rates 4->3, 3->2, 2->1, 1->0 are plotted separately (with distributions of subsamples of different multiplicity plotted as well). Plots of comparison of global DJRdistributions of those different productions are also given separately.
     8To check impact of extra-jets produced at Matrix Element level instead of Shower level only, three variables are chosen: in a "X + n jets" process, we retrieve the information about PT(X), DeltaPhi between X components (like t and tbar, stop and antistop, ...), and rapidity of X. As in the first point, for each matched distribution a detailed plot is produced and finally a comparison plots between global distributions (of matched but also standalone if they exist) is done.
     9Finally, the same procedure is applied for jet with two variables: Pt and rapidity. For each jet in order of hardness ( only coming from radiations, not decays e.g.: jets from t->Wb->jjb are not taken into account), the variables are drawn for four different cuts and a comparison plots is made...
     11A manual will be written soon.
     13This tool is still being developed!
     15-- Main.SimonDeVisscher - 27 Jun 2007