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MadGraph 2011

The MadGraph 2011 yearly meeting will be hosted by Academia Belgica in Rome, from 19-23 Sept 2011. Participation to the meeting is by invitation only.

For more information contact the Secretary:

Ginette.Tabordon AT


Indico agenda here

Invited participants (to be confirmed/updated)

  1. Johan Alwall (Post-doc) --confirmed remotely--
  2. Pierre Artoisenet (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  3. Diogo Barque Franzoni (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  4. Priscila de Aquino (Ph.D.) --confirmed--
  5. Celine Degrande (Post-doc)--confirmed--
  6. Giuseppe Degrassi (Prof) --confirmed--
  7. Claude Duhr (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  8. Rikkert Frederix (Post-doc)--confirmed--
  9. Benjamin Fuks (Prof) --confirmed--
  10. Dorival Goncalves Netto (Ph.D.) --confirmed--
  11. Kaoru Hagiwara (Prof) --confirmed--
  12. Valentin Hirschi (Ph.D.)--confirmed--
  13. Phillip Grajek (Post-doc)--confirmed--
  14. Alberto Guffanti (Prof) --confirmed--
  15. Alexis Kalegeropoulos (Ph.D.) --confirmed--
  16. Junichi Kanzaki (Prof) --confirmed--
  17. Grigory Kirilin (Post-doc)--confirmed--
  18. Antoine Laureys (Ph.D.)--confirmed--
  19. David Lopez Val (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  20. Fabio Maltoni (Prof) --confirmed--
  21. Olivier Mattelaer (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  22. Kentarou Mawatari (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  23. Barbara Mele (Prof) --confirmed--
  24. Bettina Oexl (Ph.D.) --confirmed--
  25. Tilman Plehn (Prof) --confirmed--
  26. Roberto Pittau (Prof)--confirmed--
  27. Chia-Hsien Shen (Post-doc)?
  28. Tim Stelzer (Prof) --confirmed--
  29. Yoshitaro Takeasu (Ph.D.) --confirmed--
  30. Francesco Tramontano (Post-doc) --confirmed--
  31. Hirsoshi Yokoya (post-doc) --confirmed--
  32. Ioan Wigmore (Ph.D) --confirmed--
  33. Marco Zaro (Ph.D.) --confirmed--



A few (2/3 people) rooms will be available in the Academie. Hotel delle Muse has been suggested.

-- Main.FabioMaltoni - 2011-01-21

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