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!MC4BSM tutorial

The tutorial consists in implementing the so-called Hill Model, described in hep-ph/0603082, into MadGraph, and to simulate the full chain down to PGS level events for a sample of tt~h events at the !LHC. A very brief description of the model can be found here.

Implementing the model into FeynRules

FeynRules is a Mathematica® package that allows the calculation of Feynman rules in momentum space for any !QFT physics model. The Feynman rules calculated by the code can then be used to implement the new physics model into other existing tools, such as MC generators.

Usefull material for the tutorial:

  • A ready-to-go FeynRules model file for the Hill model:
  • An example notebook of how to run FeynRules: MC4BSM.nb.
  • A short introduction to implementing new models into FeynRules, and how to run the MadGraph interface: MC4BSM_FR.pdf.

Generating parton level events with MG/ME

After the model has been implemented into FeynRules, it can easily be exported to MadGraph via the corresponding FeynRules interface. The model can then be used just like any other built-in MadGraph model.

In this tutorial we use the FeynRules implementation of the Hill model to generate a sample of pp>tt~h1 events at the !LHC @ 14TeV.

  • A short introduction of how to import FeynRules models into MG/ME: MC4BSM_MG.pdf.

Decaying the BSM particles with BRIDGE

We can use BRIDGE to

  • Compute the branching ratios and the decay tables for the BSM particles contained in the Hill model.
  • Decay the tt~h1 final state obtained in the previous step.

Pythis and PGS

Finally, we can run Pythia and PGS to obtained hadron-level and detector level events.

-- Main.ClaudeDuhr - 14 Apr 2009

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