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To set up a new process:

  1. Run "make" to compile MadGraph (and Pythia-PGS, if it is downloadedand unpacked). <p>
  2. Copy the Template directory to some other name, e.g. MyProcDir, in order to always keep a clean copy of the Template.<p>
  3. Edit the file proc_card.dat in the MyProcDir/Cards directory to set up one or more processes to be run simultaneously. Don't forget to specify choice of model.<p>
  4. Go to the MyProcDir directory and run bin/newprocess to set up the specified process. Please notice that this will replace the file Cards/Edit the file param_card.dat by the default param_card.dat for the model.<p>
  5. Check that the generation worked, using your web browser, by looking at index.html in the MyProcDir directory.

-- Main.FabioMaltoni - 02 Mar 2009