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The BZ angle in e+ e- -> 4jets: abelian vs non-abelian

Use MadGraph/MadEvent to produce two event samples, one for standard QCD and one with an abelian QCD model for

Run the collision on the peak of the Z boson and set a minimum invariant mass for the jets of %$m_{jj}>10$% GeV. Plot the Bengtsson-Zerwas angle between the planes identified by the two lowest and to highest energy jets:

%$ \cos \chi_{BZ} = \frac{( {\bf p}1\times {\bf p}2) \cdot ({\bf p}3\times {\bf p}4)}

{\bf p}1 \times {\bf p}2 {\bf p}3\times {\bf p}4}\,.


Comparison should be made with the plots of Ref. hep-ph/9503354, where various implementation of the abelian models are discussed. Our web implementation include the emission of abelian gluons as possible partons leading to jets.

-- Main.FabioMaltoni - 29 Aug 2007

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