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How to generate events on your machine

  1. Specify the model parameters. The model parameters include masses and widths for the particles and coupling constants in a given model. They are given by the file param_card.dat in the Cards directory (The entries in this file depend on the model). Although it ispossible to edit this file manually, this is not recommended since there are dependencies among the parameters which need to be taken into account. Instead the param_card.dat should be generated using one of the Calculators found on the MG/ME homepages (stated above). Click Calculators, choose model and follow the instructions. Place the resulting param_card.dat in the Cards directory.

  1. Specify the run parameters. The run parameters includes collider type and energy, choice of parton distribution functions and scales. They are given by the file run_card.dat in the Cards directory. This file should be edited manually, following the syntax given in the example file.

  1. Run bin/generate_events to generate the events and calculate the cross-section.

  1. Follow the generation and look at the results in the file HTML/crossx.html, using your web browser.

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