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What are the {{{

QNUMBERS }}} useful for ? ==

The QNUMBERS correspond to the name of a new LHA block in the param_card.dat file, which is used by some parton shower/hadronization packages taking an LHE file as an input. This block is read in the <slha> subblock of the <header> block of the LHE file. It is used by the parton shower/hadronization package to correctly simulate radiations and decay (when the additional information from the MASS and DECAY blocks is used) of new particles.

The QNUMBERS block is automatically written in the default param_card.dat when the {{{ USRMOD }}} code is used to define a new model. It can manually be added by using the script in the {{{ USRMOD }}} directory which reads information from the {{{ particles.dat }}} file.

More information on this interface in this article.

-- Main.MichelHerquet - 02 Mar 2009