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I have downloaded a madevent.tar.gz package. Can I create the gridpack locally?

If you have generated a process on-line and you do not want to use this cluster to create the gridpack you can also create the gridpack locally or using your own computer cluster. To do this you'll have to download the


tar ball from the process page and untar it in a new directory. Then you'll have to set-up the (run) parameters by editing the =./Cards/run_card.dat= and =./Cards/param_card.dat= as usual (remember to set


.true.= in the


!). Furthermore, you'll have to copy the file =makefile_gridpack= in the =./bin= directory to the main directory, renaming it to {{{ makefile }}} by typing:

cp ./bin/makefile_gridpack ./makefile

(If you would forget this last step, the code runs fine, but all the way at the end you'll get an error message: =make: * No rule to make target `gridpack.tar.gz'. Stop.=)

Then you can generate the gridpack by running


-- Main.RikkertFrederix - 24 Mar 2009