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How do I change the mass of a particle that is assumed massless in MadGraph/MadEvent ?

Several particles (light quarks, charm, he electron and the muon,..) are assumed to be massless in the SM implementation.


One can change this by dowloading the full package and defining a new model.

> cd Models
> cp sm sm_mc
> cd sm_mc

and then edit the particles.dat by changing

c       c~        F        S      ZERO  ZERO    T    c    4. }}}


c       c~        F        S      CMASS ZERO    T    c    4. }}}

You then need to make sure this parameter is read in the lh_readin routine in [ couplings.f]. You have to add it also in the [ param_card.dat] if it is not
already there. Then you're ready to generate processes and events. 

===== '''AFTER EVENT GENERATION''' =====

One can change this  by acting directly on the event file with suitable script that change the mass and the four momenta of the interested particle
in the final state '''by also reshuffling''' all other momenta to conserve overall momentum. Pythia will infact reject events where the energy momentum checkcount is not satisfied.

-- Main.FabioMaltoni - 02 Mar 2009