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Public release of MadGraph5 v2.0 including aMC@NLO

List below the different points which necessarily need to be adressed before the public release of MadGraph5 v2.0.

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Open issues

2 | O.M
Update the autocompletion for the loop functionalities of the generate command.

[ ? ] ?.? | Comment

Fixed issues

1 | R.F
Change the default chosen coupling order configuration for processes which can have mixed order contributions at LO already. Typically, one wants p p > t t~ [QCD] to return only contributions with QED = 0.

[ Fixed ] V.H. | Now in the case proposed above, it will inform the user that the configuration (QED=0,QCD=*) is chosen and warns that additional contributions of configuration (QED=2,QCD=*) are detected but discarded.

Development issues and strategies

The "end" of version 4, the early "beginning" of version 5

When do we freeze MG/ME v4? 1st October 2009, right after MG meeting

What do we include in the frozen v4?

  1. lhapdf will be in.
  2. proto CKKW matching. Only initial state are in. Final state will be there.
  3. FR models + USRMOD2 will be in. Old models will be moved in a subdir of Models/ called Legacy/ + give the possibility to use old param_card.dat ? An email to the whole team to fix details.

What kind of modification will be allowed ?

  1. Any new model (FR compatible)
  2. Any other modification can be released as downloadable patches to "protect" the code.

MG@NLO stuff will be developed on top of the frozen in v4 and added to v5 when ready.

MG4Pythia: considered as a side project anyway, especially if the only public thing to release is a 2>2 process library, not the code to produce it (which is much more v5 in the philosophy). Johan will be in charge for the wrapping script, Tim will help for possible modifications to MG or HELAS required to produce off shell final state particles.

Yellow Sheet (OLD)

This is the official list of proposed improvements/developments. Some of them are prioritized.

  • YellowSheet : This is the historical name of the todo list for Mad developers.

Comments and meeting minutes

Sanity check for a modification of MadGraph

  • TestProgram: This page present how to use (and also implement) the test of the different code of MadGraph

A long term project for MadGraph: version 5 ???

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