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Date User Software/script Status Description Possible fix
31 Jul 2008 Jonathan Walsh Models/usrmod Fixed c-quark mass is set to the b-quark mass (mbMS instead of mcMS) in couplings.f for usrmod
5 Jul 2007 Jonathan Walsh madevent Fixed Generation of zjbb~ gives a line of improperly encoded (non-ASCII) text for every event in the .lhe file Bug due to matching interface, fixed by Johan in 4.1.33
2 May 2007 Michel Herquet mg2 Understood "./mg2" returns "Killed" on some machines MadGraph is a F77 software so it needs to allocate memory statically. If the total available memory (RAM+swap) is not enough (~1Gb), the OS refuses to start the software. Free some RAM or enlarge your swap partition.
19 Apr 2007 Kyoungchul Kong generate_events Temp. fix ">>" does not create the myprocid file on some systems replace ">>" with ">" (job canceling in multi_run will be affected)