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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#161 How Delphes deals with secondary vertices new How to minor
#167 questions on pileup corrections new How to minor
#174 muon isolation problem new How to minor
#184 DelphesCMSFWLite on GEN-SIM new How to minor
#186 pTRatioMax for charged tracks new How to minor
#190 Applying B-tagging efficiencies independently? new Bug minor
#192 Warning in reading delphe root files new Bug minor
#193 MET correspondent at gen level new How to minor
#197 Format for Jet.BTag? new How to minor
#199 Tau ID - No track consideration? new Bug minor
#206 multijet analysis new Task minor
#207 jet reconstruction performance in single top events new Task minor
#224 compilation fails if space in the path new Bug minor
#227 delphes 3 have included fake candidates ? new How to minor
#228 Delphes B-Tagger new Bug minor
#238 access jet constituents for substructure analysis new How to minor
#245 Setting a trigger in Delphes 3 to avoid exhausting disk space new How to minor
#251 About tau tagging in Delphes. new How to minor
#252 ATLAS simulation gives high pt jet new Bug minor
#256 Delphes is not creating leptonic events , please help new Bug minor
#257 Delphes3.12 is not creating leptonic events new Bug minor
#259 Question on angular bias/resolution new Task minor
#262 Parton level - detector level comparison new How to minor
#266 simulation at ILC new How to minor
#271 Using N-subjetness & N-jettiness new How to minor
#272 Jet phi distribution modulation (Delphes-3.0.12) new Bug minor
#273 Reading the constituents of a jet new How to minor
#275 Inverse momentum smearing new Enhancement minor
#278 Reproducing ATLAS SUSY Searches new How to minor
#288 Delphes 3.1.2 with Pythia8 new Bug minor
#291 Eflow branches new How to minor
#293 Number of operators in efficiency modules new How to minor
#296 GenJets including "jets" from leptons new How to minor
#298 converted photons new How to minor
#316 How to find which matrix element parton a jet is from. new How to minor
#320 Low lepton efficiency for 100TeV simulation new Task minor
#336 Event (in "DelphesClasses.h") conflicts with Pythia8::Event new Enhancement minor
#347 Stability of "StableParticles" in STDHEP reader new Bug minor
#350 FCC detector card new How to minor
#351 Missing photon in delphes root file new Bug minor
#365 delphes_atlas default card for b-tagging efficiency new Bug minor
#368 lepton track new How to minor
#375 CMake for Delphes for root version 5.34.20 new Enhancement minor
#377 When modifying Candidate class, change constructor, Copy(), & Clear() new Task minor
#379 Delphes card delphes_card_ATLAS_PileUp.tcl new Task minor
#406 Displaced Vertices and Smearing reopened How to minor
#431 Problem installing Delphes new Bug minor
#432 ParameterR and DeltaR new How to minor
#434 LHCO conversion fault new Bug minor
#435 no b-tagging with new model new How to minor
#436 DelphesPythia8 new How to minor
#440 Delphes not matching generator new Bug minor
#443 Delphes doesn't see new (external) classes new Bug minor
#523 EFlow and leptons new How to minor
#536 Error on examples 4 and display new Bug minor
#580 Analysing different process event samples new Bug minor
#591 Calorimeter change between 3.0.10 and 3.2 new Bug minor
#605 Delphes-3.2.0 compatibility with root version new Bug minor
#619 Definition of Overlaps() used in new archive minor
#620 Phi/Energy dependence in efficiencies new Bug minor
#639 Jet Constituents new How to minor
#655 What is the unit for the vertex position of the track in Delphes output new Bug minor
#656 Where is the EFlowmuon in the newest version of Delphes 3.1.2(delphes_card_default.dat) ? new How to minor
#659 Error running example 4 new Bug minor
#660 Some question about the MET, mainly about the Eta of the MET. new How to minor
#715 Plots of functions in Delphes card new How to minor
#717 compilation problem on some computer new Bug minor
#718 Installation problem new Bug minor
#719 Does Delphes add muon momentum to jet when a muon is closed to a jet? new How to minor
#727 comilation issue for new Bug minor
#729 Very small particle momenta when using converter_card.tcl to go from Pythia 8 .hep to .root new Bug minor
#730 "Perfect" detector card new How to minor
#734 Impact parameter formula new Bug minor
#740 Cleaning for lepton jets new How to minor
#746 Delphese 3.3 warning new Bug minor
#747 B-tag new How to minor
#748 Change calorimeter energy fractions based on particle vertex new How to minor
#751 Can't access filled N-subJettiness variables new Bug minor
#753 BSM particles in calorimeter new Bug minor
#772 why ILD card do not contain a efficiency formula for the b tagging? new Bug minor
#774 compilation on mac with default binary. new Enhancement minor
#779 Questions about Pileup new Enhancement minor
#815 How to calculate missing four momentum ? new How to minor
#827 problem running Delphes 3.3.2 new How to minor
#828 compiling ExternalFastJet new How to minor
#833 problems with btagging new How to minor
#835 Etmiss calculated with jets after pile-up suppression? new How to minor
#839 How to define a jet using different jet algorithm or condition? new How to minor
#847 jet invariant mass new Bug minor
#850 TrackPileUpSubtractor new How to minor
#864 Delphes behaviour with displaced vertices new Bug minor
#866 some questions on DelphesAnalysis ( python ) accepted ali How to minor
#870 adding a FastJetFinder lead a wrong result. new How to minor
#871 ROOT6 new Bug minor
#880 Same Delphes simulation with different jet clustering new How to minor
#903 Particle Flow for ATLAS detector? new How to minor
#907 event weight new Bug minor
#912 Component model for Delphes modules? new Enhancement minor
#922 On the philosophy on lepton isolation new Task minor
#923 Failed to read fastjet headers when running a delphes analysis macro new Bug minor
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