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#246 Error in Installing Delphes 3.0.11 in Mac Os X 10.6 new Bug critical
#282 Compiling Delphes 3.1.2 new Bug critical
#301 No Event branch in CMSFWLite reader new Enhancement critical
#312 Muons get lost by analyzing new Bug critical
#314 momentum direction resolution new Bug critical
#331 Regarding Delphes 3 not working Edit MadGraph5_aMC@NLO Bugs Bug #1384300 new Bug critical
#374 Error compiling Delphes new Bug critical
#438 MG5 + PYTHIA8 + Delphes 3.2.0 b-tagging new How to critical
#442 electron efficiency new How to critical
#548 External FastJet new How to critical
#702 Truth Jets in the Delphes output (ROOT file)? And how to? new How to critical
#712 Error installing Delphes 3 with MadGraph5.2.3.0_aMC@NLO on new Bug critical
#728 UniqueObjectFinder processes in arbitrary order new Bug critical
#739 cannot install Delphes new Bug critical
#792 A bug on b-tagging in CMS Delphes card new Bug critical
#840 Delphes not Installing new Bug critical
#852 new invisible particle implementation new Bug critical
#854 late decays of particles new Bug critical
#855 How to make a long lived stau look like a muon ? new How to critical
#887 #884: Delphes card in Madgraph: new How to critical
#911 implementing cuts on photons at analysis and reconstruction level new Bug critical
#964 Regarding Delphes CMS cards in Version 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 new How to critical
#1006 Rejecting all leptons in 2j+2l+MET final with CMS card of delphes new Bug critical
#1028 I have problem when I try to make Delphes3.3.3 new Bug critical
#1056 error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory new Bug critical
#1083 A problem with UniqueObjectFinder new Bug critical
#1087 Delphes not installing on macos new Bug critical
#1151 Incorrect HepMC event weights new How to critical
#1328 How to prevent certain particles from participating in jet clustering ? new How to critical
#1354 addition of new invisible particle in delphes card new How to critical
#1356 Fail to create LHCO events from DELPHES in Madgraph, using macOS 10.14 new Bug critical
#1381 Installing Delphes Error : Both as Standalone and in MadGraph new Bug critical
#1406 Contribution to MissingET, calculating dPhi and M_T new Task critical
#1413 Question about Particle and Selecting Certain Events new How to critical
#1416 Loose and tight photon identification new timlu How to critical
#1419 How to Find the Number of Muons; new How to critical
#1440 Possible incorrect reconstruction of photon energy. new Bug critical
#1442 Very low btagging efficieny. new Bug critical
#1448 Error during installation using Conda new Bug critical
#1454 Bug in ILCgen delphes card new Bug critical
#1455 Installation failure new How to critical
#138 long-lived charged particles new How to major
#215 bug in b-tagging module? new Bug major
#219 Reconstruction of tracks - long lived charged particles new Bug major
#260 Having Difficulty reaching the weight of events. new borzou How to major
#261 Delphes 3.0.12 installation new Bug major
#270 Running with pileup randomly give spurious results new Bug major
#276 GenParticle Information new How to major
#283 Different Branch name new How to major
#285 Problem with b-tagging new How to major
#290 Mother/Daughter info in CMSFWLite reader new Bug major
#294 Tau Jet information new How to major
#307 pile-up jets in ATLAS delphes card new How to major
#308 Muon isolation in lhco files new Bug major
#326 Big discrepancy in electron efficiency between Delphes3 and PGS new Bug major
#376 momentum smearing new Bug major
#437 Delphes with ideal detector new How to major
#444 Issues running Delphes examples new Bug major
#592 Error in hep file to root file conversion new Bug major
#603 TaggingParticleSkimmer new Bug major
#632 error delhpes installation after root-v6 new How to major
#638 bTag problem with LHE Events new How to major
#641 fake lepton in Delphes 3.1.2 new How to major
#658 Error installing Delphes from Madgraph new Bug major
#703 error during analysis of a .root file using Delphes 3.2.0 compiled with root 6.02.05 new Bug major
#705 Compilation on Macbook pro new Bug major
#744 B-tagging problem new Bug major
#750 Jet phi distribution "lumpiness" new Bug major
#801 Delphes, lepton PTmin = 10 GeV, how to modify? new How to major
#842 dealing with long lived charged tracks ... new Bug major
#846 Query regarding b-tagging ... new How to major
#851 root files new Bug major
#853 variable isolation cone for leptons new How to major
#858 CMS Phase II CARDS new How to major
#867 Jet.BTag root output new How to major
#884 Delphes card in Madgraph: new How to major
#885 Isolation via fUniqueID new Bug major
#888 Learning Delphes from Scratch and writing own analysis new How to major
#909 To understand the ATLAS and CMS delphes cards new How to major
#952 Substructure variables from fast jet to delphes new How to major
#953 Lepton Isolation cuts new How to major
#955 "Prong" dependent tau ID efficiency new How to major
#956 determination of electron and muon tracking effeciency new How to major
#959 calorimeter information new How to major
#963 Delphes Card for 100 TeV collider new How to major
#969 BTag in Python mode new How to major
#980 Example3.C of Delphes example code new How to major
#982 Segmentation Fault in PileUp example new Bug major
#999 Particles and Constituents in Jets new How to major
#1000 Regarding obtaining .root file from .hep files new How to major
#1010 Delphes card for LHeC searches new Task major
#1012 Compatibility of delphes_card among v3.1.2 and v3.3.2 new Task major
#1016 Jet faking as leptons new How to major
#1020 Error while building Delphes new Bug major
#1021 Not able to run Delphes on new How to major
#1038 Segmentation violation new Bug major
#1042 Trouble retrieving the decay channel in Delphes new How to major
#1050 Problems reading a HepMC file new Bug major
#1053 FastJet in Delphes new How to major
#1060 Question regarding tau tagging in in leptonic channel new How to major
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