Postdoc in theoretical particle physics

Reference: CP3HiddenParticlesPD2021
Announced on December 11, 2020.
Open until filled.

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The Centre for Cosmology, particle physics and phenomenology (CP3) at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium, invites applications for a postdoctoral position in theoretical particle physics. The appointment is for two years and should start preferably in fall 2021. Candidates should have a PhD in theoretical particle physics and/or in high energy astrophysics at the time of the appointment. Candidates with experience in the physics of "hidden/dark sectors" and/or long lived particles are particularly encouraged to apply, and should indicate their interest in one or several of the following fields i) phenomenology of intensity frontier experiments, ii) implications for the early universe (thermal or non-thermal dark matter production, baryogenesis), iii) astrophysical implications, iv) neutrino masses. The position is primarily associated with the team of Marco Drewes, but the successful will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the pheno group at the CP3, working on BSM searches at collider and in astrophysics (Fabio Maltoni and Celine Degrande), Dark Matter searches (Chiara Arina), and high energy computing (Fabio Maltoni and Olivier Mattelaer). In addition, the position offers the opportunity to work closely with the local NA62 group (led by Eduardo Cortina-Gil). Review of application will start on 21 December. Later applications will be considered until the position is filled. Applicants should provide a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and a brief description of their research interests, as well as arrange for three recommendation letters to be sent separately. Contact:

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