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Security Certificate Exception

When trying to login to the CP3 website, you get a security error.


If you get Secure Connection Failed
  • Click Or you can add an exception (bottom of the error page)
  • Click the button Add exception ...
  • Click the button Get Certificate of the new message box
  • Opt-in the check-box Permanently store this exception
  • Click the button Confirm Security Exception
  • Click the button Resend


If you get The site's security certificate is not trusted!, just click on proceed anyway. You should not get the warning anymore.


If you get a Popup window with a warning:
  • Click on see certificate
  • Opt-in the check-box Always trust...
  • Click Continue
  • If prompted, enter your password to save certificate and avoid further warnings

Internet Explorer

If you get an error, click on Continue to website (not recommended). Ignore further warnings.

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