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The rare Higgs decay, , is implemented in the UFO model "h_ZGamma" (version v1.0) and allows the user to study the full Higgs production process, , since it includes,

The model described above has been tested in several ways,

Please, notice that a specific version of MadGraph5 is dedicated to this process to support formfactors and is available here or via launchpad :

    bzr branch lp:~maddevelopers/madgraph5/formfactor/

Once the right version of MadGraph5 is downloaded as well as the h_ZGamma model, extract the tarball h_zgamma.tar.gz in the directory "formfactor/models/" and run MadGraph5 as usual :

    >import model h_Zgamma
    >generate p p > h > z a
    >output pp_h_za

Below, the reader can find matching plots (a,b,c) for samples with 0, 1 and 2 jets as well as an illustration of the pT distribution (d) of a Higgs boson of 125 GeV produced at the LHC running at 8 TeV.

    Figure: (a) differential 0 -> 1 jet rate distribution using the matching of matrix elements and parton showers,
                (b) differential 1 -> 2 jet rate distribution,
                (c) differential 2 -> 3 jet rate distribution,
                (d) Higgs (125 GeV) pT distribution of the matched pp -> h -> e- e+ a + 0,1 jet samples, LHC@8TeV.