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(01 Dec 14)
Study of HH production with H → bb, H → WW → lν lν for an upgraded CMS detector at the HL-LHC
C. Delaere, B. Francois, V. Lemaitre, A. Mertens, M. Vidal Marono
[Full text] CMS AN-2014/141
Private experimental note.
(30 Nov 14)
Search for a non-standard-model Higgs boson decaying to a pair of new light bosons with two muon and two b jets in final states
Abideh Jafari and Andrea Giammanco
[Full text]
Private experimental note.
(24 Nov 14)
Generic search for a Two Higgs Doublet Model in the Z(ll)+bb final state
R. Castello, A. Caudron, C. Delaere, T.A. du Pree, A. Mertens
[Full text] CMS AN-2014/029
Restricted access (CMS internal analysis note)

Private experimental note.
(12 Jun 14)
Analysis of t-channel single top-quark production with Bayesian neural networks in CMS experiment at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with L = 5/fb
E. Boos, V. Bunichev, L. Dudko, N. Tsirova, A. Markina, M. Perfilov, A. Popov, I. Myagkov, I. Shvetsov, G. Vorotnikov, S. Bitioukov, D. Konstantinov, A. Giammanco, J. Hansen, J. Komaragiri, D. Martschei, Th. Muller, J. Ott, T. Peiffer, S. Rocker, J. Wagner-Kuhr, A. O. M. Iorio, M. Merola, L. Lista, A. Jafari
[Full text] Analysis Note AN-2012/291 in support of CMS-TOP-14-007
Private experimental note.
(09 Jun 14)
Update to the measurement of top quark polarization in t-channel single-top production
T. Chwalek, A. Giammanco, M. Kadastik, M. Komm, D. Konstantinov, J. Pata, S. Rocker, A. Tiko, F. Roscher, J. Wagner-Kuhr
Analysis Note AN-2014/001 in support of the paper for CMS-TOP-13-001. Update of AN-2012-448.
Private experimental note.
(07 Jun 14)
W-helicity measurement in single-top event topology with lepton+jets final states using 19.7 fb^{-1} of LHC data collected by CMS at sqrt(s)=8 TeV
A. Jafari, A. O. Iorio, J. D'Hondt, J. Wagner Kuhr, L. Lista, R. Gonzalez Suarez, A. Giammanco
[Full text] CMS internal document supporting TOP-12-020 paper draft
Private experimental note.
(07 Jun 14)
Search for H->bb in association with single top quarks as a test of Higgs boson couplings
A. Anuar, A. Bean, K. Bloom, C. Boeser, T. Chwalek, S. Fink, A. Giammanco, R. Gonzalez Suarez, D. Knowlton, J. Komaragiri, M. Komm, B. Maier, D. Noonan, A. Popov, J. Wagner-Kuhr
[Full text] Analysis Note AN-2013/113 in support of CMS-HIG-14-015
Private experimental note.

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