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(31 Dec 10)
Expectations for observation of top-quark pair production in the dileptonic final state in early CMS data at √s=10 TeV
J. Caudron for the CMS Collaboration
[Journal] [Full text] Proceedings of TOP2010: 3rd International Workshop on Top Quark Physics
Contribution to proceedings.
(31 Dec 10)
Latest results from the CMS experiment
A. Giammanco
[Journal] [Full text] CERN-CMS-CR-2010/175. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. {\bf 259} (2010) 012056. In: PASCOS2010: 16th International Symposium on Particles Strings and Cosmology, 19-23 Jul 2010, IFIC Valencia, Valencia (Spain).
Contribution to proceedings.
(31 Dec 10)
Particle identification by ionization energy loss in the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
A. Giammanco
[Full text] CERN-CMS-CR-2010/177. In: JET2010: Jets in proton-proton and heavy-ion collisions, 12-14 Aug 2010, Czech Technical University, Prague (Czech Republic).
Contribution to proceedings.
(08 Dec 10)
Charged Higgs production via vector-boson fusion at NNLO in QCD
Zaro, Marco and Bolzoni, Paolo and Maltoni, Fabio and Moch, Sven-Olaf
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings of the "Charged 2010" conference, Uppsala, Sept. 2010.
Contribution to proceedings.
(15 Jul 10)
Introducing the Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series (DEUSS)
Y. Rasera, J-M. Alimi, J. Courtin, F. Roy, P-S. Corasaniti, A. Füzfa and V. Boucher
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Invisible Universe International Conference, UNESCO-Paris, 2009. DEUS Consortium reference paper.
Contribution to proceedings.
(01 Jul 10)
Exclusive production at the LHC
Nicolas Schul for the CMS Collaboration
[Full text] Proceedings of DIS2010: XVIII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects
Contribution to proceedings.
(23 Jun 10)
Initial conditions in hybrid inflation: exploration by MCMC technique
Sébastien Clesse
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings of the 2010 Moriond Conference - Cosmology Session
Contribution to proceedings.
(07 May 10)
Combined PDF and strong coupling uncertainties at the LHC with NNPDF2.0
Maria Ubiali and others
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings of the Conference "Rencontres de Moriond", QCD session, March 2010
Contribution to proceedings.
(09 Mar 10)
The tools and MC working group. Summary Report from the Les Houches 2009 Workshop on TeV Colliders
Butterworth, J. M. and others
[Abstract] [PDF] Les Houches 2009, Proceedings
Contribution to proceedings.
(08 Mar 10)
The SM and NLO multileg working group: Summary report
Binoth et al.
[Abstract] [PDF] Les Houches 2009 Proceedings of the NLO WG.
Contribution to proceedings.
(02 Feb 10)
Anamorphosis in Hybrid Inflation: How to avoid fine-tuning of Initial Conditions?
Sébastien Clesse
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] AIP Proceedings of the "Invisible Universe" conference, Palais de l'Unesco, Paris, 29th June to 4th July 2008.
Contribution to proceedings.
(18 Jan 10)
The Hunt for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
P. Nath et al.
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Summary document for international workshop "Beyond the Standard Model at the LHC"
Contribution to proceedings.

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