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(31 Dec 07)
MadGraph/MadEvent at Work: From QCD to new physics.
Simon de Visscher
[Journal] [Full text] Prepared for 15th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2007), Munich, Germany, 16-20 Apr 2007.
Published in *Munich 2007, Deep-inelastic scattering, vol. 2* 1065-1068

Contribution to proceedings.
(07 Dec 07)
J/psi production in association with a charm-quark pair at the Tevatron
Pierre Artoisenet
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Non-Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics.
Contribution to proceedings.
(06 Dec 07)
High Energy Photon-Photon Interaction at the LHC
Pierzchala Tomasz
[Full text] Proceedings of the Conference Photon 2007.
Contribution to proceedings.
(03 Dec 07)
Results from the Commissioning Run of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
Dorian Kcira
[Abstract] [PDF]
Contribution to proceedings.
(15 Oct 07)
High energy photoproduction at the LHC
SÚverine Ovyn
[Full text] Proceedings of the International Conference on the Structure and Interactions of the Photon. Published in Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 184 (2008) 166-168.
Contribution to proceedings.
(10 Oct 07)
Determination of the Discovery Potential for Higgs Bosons
Dorian Kcira
[Abstract] [PDF] SUSY07 proceedings.
Contribution to proceedings.
(26 Jul 07)
MadGraph/MadEvent v4: from models to events
Rikkert Frederix
[Full text] ACAT07 workshop proceedings.
Contribution to proceedings.
(24 May 07)
Tevatron-for-LHC Report: Top and Electroweak Physics
C.E.Gerber, P.Murat, T.M.P.Tait, D.Wackeroth, A.Arbuzov, D.Bardin, U.Baur, J.A.Benitez, S.Berge, S.Bondarenko, E.E.Boos, M.T.Bowen, R.Brock, V.E.Bunichev, J.Campbell, F.Canelli, Q.-H.Cao, C.M.Carloni Calame, F.Chevallier, P.Christova, C.Ciobanu, S.Dittmaier, L.V.Dudko, S.D.Ellis, A.I.Etienvre, F.Fiedler, A.Garcia-Bellido, A.Giammanco, D.Glenzinski, P.Golonka, C.Hays, S.Jadach, S.Jain, L.Kalinovskaya, M.Kramer, A.Lleres, J.Luck, A.Lucotte, A.Markina, G.Montagna, P.M.Nadolsky, O.Nicrosini, F.I.Olness, W.Placzek, R.Sadykov, V.I.Savrin, R.Schwienhorst, A.V.Sherstnev, S.Slabospitsky, B.Stelzer, M.J.Strassler, Z.Sullivan, F.Tramontano, A.Vicini, W.Wagner, Z.Was, G.Watts, M.Weber, S.Willenbrock, U.K.Yang, C-P.Yuan, J.Zhu
[Abstract] [PDF] TeV4LHC-Top and Electroweak Working Group collaboration (2007)
Contribution to proceedings.
(19 Mar 07)
Fast simulations of the ATLAS and CMS experiments at LHC
A. Giammanco, A. Perrotta
[Full text] CERN CMS CR-2007/010
Contribution to proceedings.
(19 Mar 07)
Recent developments of CERN RD39 Cryogenic Tracking detectors Collaboration
X. Rouby for the RD39 Collaboration
[Journal] [Full text] Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Materials Detectors and Devices (Florence), NIM A 583 (2007) 99-103
Contribution to proceedings.
(21 Feb 07)
New insights into abelian topologically massive gauge theories
Bruno Bertrand
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings of the IV Summer School in Modern Mathematical Physics, 3-14 September 2006, Belgrade, Serbia, p.43-50.
Contribution to proceedings.

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