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(19 Sep 18)
Bootstrapping Numerical Solutions of Scattering Equations
Zhengwen Liu and Xiaoran Zhao
Refereed paper.
(16 Aug 18)
Multi-Higgs Production and Unitarity in Vector-Boson Fusion at Future Hadron Colliders
Kilian, Wolfgang and Sun, Sichun and Yan, Qi-Shu and Zhao, Xiaoran and Zhao, Zhijie
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper.
(09 Aug 18)
Model-independent constraints on the CKM matrix elements $|V_{tb}|$, $|V_{ts}|$ and $|V_{td}|$
Clerbaux, Barbara and Fang, Wenxing and Giammanco, Andrea and Goldouzian, Reza
[Abstract] [PDF] Submitted to JHEP.
Refereed paper.
(31 Jul 18)
Top-Yukawa contributions to bbH production at the LHC
Nicolas Deutschmann, Fabio Maltoni, Marius Wiesemann, and Marco Zaro
to be submitted to JHEP
Refereed paper.
(30 Jul 18)
Novelty Detection Meets Collider Physics
Hajer, Jan and Li, Ying-Ying and Liu, Tao and Wang, He
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper.
(27 Jun 18)
Mass Generation in Abelian U(1) Gauge Theories: A Rich Network of Dualities
Bertrand, Bruno and Govaerts, Jan
[Abstract] [PDF] Submitted to the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
Refereed paper.
(27 Jun 18)
Towards the Quantum Geometry of Saturated Quantum Uncertainty Relations: The Case of the (Q,P) Heisenberg Observables
Jan Govaerts
[Abstract] [PDF] To appear in "Mathematical Structures and Applications", Proceedings of the International Workshop on Contemporary Problems in Mathematical Physics (COPROMAPH), October 2016 (Cotonou, Republic of Benin), eds. T. Diagana and B. Toni (Springer, 2018)
Refereed paper. Contribution to proceedings.
(11 May 18)
Impact of cosmological and astrophysical constraints on dark matter simplified models
Chiara Arina
[Abstract] [PDF] Invited review for the Research Topic 'From Fermi scale to Cosmology' in Frontiers, Eds. A. Salvio and F. Sannino.
Refereed paper.
(10 May 18)
Probe Higgs-gluon coupling via jet energy profile at $e^+e^-$ colliders
Li, Gexing and Li, Zhao and Liu, Yandong and Wang, Yan and Zhao, Xiaoran
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper.
(30 Mar 18)
MadDM v.3.0: a Comprehensive Tool for Dark Matter Studies
F. Ambrogi, C. Arina, M. Backovic, J. Heisig, F. Maltoni, L. Mantani, O. Mattelaer, G. Mohlabeng
[Abstract] [PDF] to be submitted to Phys. Dark. Univ.
Refereed paper.
(23 Mar 18)
Elliptic symbol calculus: from elliptic polylogarithms to iterated integrals of Eisenstein series
Johannes Broedel, Claude Duhr, Falko Dulat, Brenda Penante, Lorenzo Tancredi
Refereed paper.
(12 Mar 18)
$K\to\pi\pi$ and $K-\pi$ Matrix Elements of the Chromomagnetic Operators from Dual QCD
Buras, Andrzej J. and Gérard, Jean-Marc
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP 1807 (2018) 126
Refereed paper.
(20 Feb 18)
Constraining the Higgs self couplings at e+e- colliders
Maltoni, Fabio and Pagani, Davide and Zhao, Xiaoran
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper.
(20 Feb 18)
Lepton-pair production in association with a bb pair and the determination of the W boson mass
E. Bagnasichi, F. Maltoni, A. Vicini, M. Zaro
49 pages to be submitted to JHEP
Refereed paper.
(06 Feb 18)
Cosmology in the era of Euclid and the Square Kilometre Array
Sprenger, Tim and Archidiacono, Maria and Brinckmann, Thejs and Clesse, Sébastien and Lesgourgues, Julien
[Abstract] [PDF] 48 pages, 11 figures, 8 tables
Refereed paper.
(26 Jan 18)
The seven-gluon amplitude in multi-Regge kinematics beyond leading logarithmic accuracy
Vittorio Del Duca, Stefan Druc, James Drummond, Falko Dulat, Claude Duhr, Robin Marzucca, Georgios Papathanasiou, Bram Verbeek
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper.
(19 Jan 18)
Observational bounds on extended theories of gravity from energy conditions
Penna-Lima, M. and Vitenti, S. D. P. and Alves, M. E. S. and de Araujo, J. C. N. and Carvalho, F. C.
[Abstract] [PDF] Submitted to PRD
Refereed paper.
(15 Jan 18)
Optical Follow-up of Planck Cluster Candidates with Small Instruments
Vincent Boucher, Simon de Visscher and Christophe Ringeval
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper.
(15 Jan 18)
NA62 sensitivity to heavy neutral leptons in the low scale seesaw model
Drewes, Marco and Hajer, Jan and Klaric, Juraj and Lanfranchi, Gaia
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP 07(2018)105
Refereed paper.

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