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CP3 Theory @ UCL

The projects proposed below are in the field of cosmology, particle physics and gauge theories and will be conducted within CP3. Some of the projects are suitable for students who would like to gain an expertise in particle phenomenology, both at the experimental (data analysis) and at the theoretical level. In this case, collaborations with the CMS and PLANCK are suggested, when appropriate.

Cosmology and General Relativity

Students with interests in early universe cosmology are advised to contact Profs. C. Ringeval or J.-M. Gérard. The group has theoretical expertise in the field of topological defects, braneworld cosmology, inflation, modified gravity and strong experimental links with the next generation of CMB experiments as the PLANCK satelite.

In addition a project on the a general relativity approach to a multi-satelite system is proposed by S.Pireaux and V. Dehant from the Observatoire Royal de Belgique. More information can be found here.

Phenomenology of fundamental interactions

Students with interests in fundamental interactions and in particular to phenomenological aspects should contact Profs. J.-M. Gérard (Flavor, CP violation, EWSB), F. Maltoni (QCD and EWSB at the LHC) and J. Govaerts (non-collider phenomenology). A few proposals are: (More information might be available by cliking on the title)

# Title Promoteur
1 Gauge invariance for the 5th fundamental interaction Gérard
2 Confinement mechanism for the strong interactions Gérard
3 Spontaneuous breaking of the electro-weak symmetry Gérard
4 Interplay between flavor and the LHC Gérard/Maltoni
5 Search for new physics in top events at the LHC Maltoni
6 Quarkonium production at hadron colliders Maltoni
7 String inspired methods for QCD calculations Maltoni
8 Electron and proton disintegration in a strong magnetic field Govaerts
9 Radiative corrections to muon capture Govaerts
10 Integer and semi-integer vortex configurations in GHL theory of superconductivity Govaerts

Quantization, Topological gauge theories

Students with interests in purely theoretical problems and/or in mathematical physics should contact Prof. J. Govaerts. As examples, projects are proposed in the following areas:

  1. Non perturbative quantization, topology and gauge theories
  2. Quantum geometry and gravitation
More information can be found here.

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