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MoMEMta public release

Dear Matrix Element Method enthusiasts, we are happy to announce the release of MoMEMta. In our web page you will find direct links to the GitHub repository, instructions on how to install and run MoMEMta, technical documentation, and many other things. If you are interested, please try it!! We are waiting for your feedback

MoMEMta is a CP3 product, adapting the MadWeight philosophy to the experimental needs.

The MoMEMta team
By Miguel Vidal Marono on June 2, 2016
Additional information:

MoMEMta is a C++ software package to compute Matrix Element weights. Designed in a modular way, it covers the needs of experimental analysis workflows at the LHC. MoMEMta provides working examples for the most common final states. If you are an expert user, be prepared to feel the freedom of configuring your MEM computation at all levels.

Reference url: https://momemta.github.io/

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