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New single-top production mode discovered

Physics Review Letters just accepted for publication the paper documenting the discovery by CMS (with CP3 contribution) of a new electro-weak process of production of single top quarks in hadron collisions, in which a top quark is accompanied by an on-shell W boson.
By Andrea Giammanco on April 17, 2014
Additional information:

The excess of events with respect to the background-only hypothesis is quantified at a significance of 6.1σ, and the cross-section is found to be 23.4±5.4 pb, in agreement with the Standard Model prediction. The paper, which received contributions by a CP3 member, is already available as a preprint (arXiv:1401.2942 [hep-ex]) and a layman summary of this analysis has been recently published on the CERN Courier. [Update, 11/6/2014]: the article is now available as Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (2014) 231802 and was featured in the Viewpoint article (along with the Tevatron s-channel observation paper) on the APS website: http://physics.aps.org/articles/v7/61

Reference url: http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/56207

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