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CP3 Summer Students program

This year again, we open internship positions in experimental high energy physics. These positions are open to BAC3 and Master (1 and 2) students. The exact topics will be chosen is agreement with the selected candidates, and may range from computing and analysis methods to instrumentation, in either the CMS or NA62 collaborations. For master students, a stay at CERN is possible.

Interested? Apply online!
By Christophe Delaere on March 18, 2013

[UCLouvain] - [SST] [IRMP] - [SC]
Contact : Jérôme de Favereau
Job opportunities EOS be.h : 10 PhD positions
Postdoctoral position: Data Analysis and GTK operation for NA62 experiment
Postodoctoral position in precision and BSM Phenomenology
Postdoctoral Position in Precision Computations for the LHC