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CP3 CMS results at ICHEP

Among the results presented by the CMS collaboration at ICHEP 2010, most important Summer conference in High Energy Physics, the first top quark candidate events at 7 TeV (shown in Figure: a dileptonic event with two secondary vertices attributed to the decays of b quarks) and an improved exclusion of long-lived gluinos as well as a measurement of the CMS Tracker material. CP3 gave a strong contribution to these achievements.
By Andrea Giammanco on July 30, 2010
Additional information:

CP3 members of the Top Dileptonic Task Force are: J. Caudron, A. Giammanco, A. Pin and V. Lemaitre. In the Heavy Stable Charged Particles search team are present: L. Quertenmont, G. Bruno, C. Nuttens, A. Giammanco, C. Delaere, V. Lemaire and T. Scaffidi. The tracker material study was performed by S. Basegmez and G. Bruno.

Reference url: http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/breaking/2010/07/23/europe-reaches-the-top-err-the-top-reaches-europe/

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