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Current position: Callata˙ & Wouters.
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I am involved in the following research directions:

FROG: software for detector and event visualization

FROG is a generic framework dedicated to visualize events produced in particle collisions and detected by particle detectors.
It has been written in C++ and use OpenGL cross-platform libraries. It can be used to any particular physics experiment or detector design. The code is very light and very fast and can run on various Operating System. Moreover, FROG is self consistent and does not require installation of ROOT or Experiment software (e.g. CMSSW) libraries on user's computer.
It includes a lot of features based on an unique and powerful principle. Some of the functionalities are listed below :
3D and 2D visualization, graphical user interface, mouse interface, configuration files, production of pictures in various format, integration of personal objects.
One of the FROG application is to display events for one of the most complex physics experiment : the CMS experiment. But it works as well and even faster with smaller experiment like the Gastof detector.

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Stand-alone Cosmic Muon Reconstruction Before Installation of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
CMS Tracker Collaboration (W. Adam et al.).
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Full text] Published in JINST 4:P05004,2009
Refereed paper. 21st December.
Alignment of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker during stand-alone Commissioning.
W. Adam et al.
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JINST 4:T07001,2009
Refereed paper. 21st December.
FROG: The Fast & Realistic OpenGL Event Displayer
Loic Quertenmont & Vincent Roberfroid
[Full text] FROG CMS Note (Public)
20 pages, 35 figures

Public experimental note. 27th April.
FROG: The Fast & Realistic OpenGL Event Displayer
Loic Quertenmont, Vincent Roberfroid
[Full text] 26 pages, 15 figures, Submitted, Software manual,
Associated web site :

18th January.


The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
The CMS Collaboration
[Journal] [Full text] The CMS Collaboration, "The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC", 2008 JINST 3 S08004, 361pp doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/S08004.
Refereed paper. 10th December.
Silicon Strip Tracker Detector Performance with Cosmic Ray Data at the Tracker Integration Facility
J.-L. Bonnet, G. Bruno, B. De Callatay, B. Florins, A. Giammanco, G. Gregoire, Th. Keutgen, D. Kcira, V. Lemaitre, D. Michotte, O. Militaru, K. Piotrzkowski, L. Quertermont, V. Roberfroid, X. Rouby, D. Teyssier et al. (>100 authors)
[Full text] W. Adam et al., "Silicon Strip Tracker Detector Performance with Cosmic Ray Data at the Tracker Integration Facility", CMS NOTE-2008/032.
Public experimental note. 10th December.


Improvement of the Kalman Filter Fit of the ZEUS experiment
V. Roberfroid
[Abstract] [PDF]
Public experimental note. 6th December.

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