Ken Mimasu
Postdoc. Funding: PAI, MSCA.
Member since October 2016
Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology - CP3
Université catholique de Louvain
2, Chemin du Cyclotron - Box L7.01.05
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
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Learning to pinpoint effective operators at the LHC: a study of the ttbb signature
Jorgen D'Hondt, Alberto Mariotti, Ken Mimasu, Seth Moortgat, Cen Zhang
5th July.


On the reinterpretation of non-resonant searches for Higgs boson pairs
Alexandra Carvalho, Florian Goertz, Ken Mimasu, Maxime Gouzevitch, Anamika Aggarwal
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. 24th October.
The Higgs Vacuum Uplifted: Revisiting the Electroweak Phase Transition with a Second Higgs Doublet
G. C. Dorsch, S. J. Huber, K. Mimasu, J. M. No
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] published
Refereed paper. 19th May.
ALPs Effective Field Theory and Collider Signatures
Brivio, I. and Gavela, M. B. and Merlo, L. and Mimasu, K. and No, J. M. and del Rey, R. and Sanz, V.
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper. 22nd January.

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Postdoctoral Position on advanced analysis techniques applied to the CMS di-Higgs study
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