Jose Beltran Jimenez
Former member
Postdoc in CP3 from October 2012 to January 2015
Current position: Post-doctoral position at CPT, Marseille University.
I am involved in the following research direction:

Cosmic inflation

The first measurements of acoustic peaks in the CMB anisotropies strongly suggest that the birth of cosmological fluctuations may have taken place during an early inflationary era of the universe.
In this domain, our activities deal with the construction of explicit models of inflation as well as the extraction of their observable consequences. Our fields of expertise comprise some actively debated subjects as the existence of features (e.g. trans-Planckian effects), inflation with non-minimally coupled scalar fields, DBI- and brane inflation as in the context of String Theory.
For all these theories, we are maintaining various numerical tools such as the ASPIC and FieldInf librairies allowing to compute reheating-consistent predictions for comparison with cosmological data.

External collaborators: Jérôme Martin (IAP, Paris, France), Vincent Vennin (Portsmouth, U.K.), Sébastien Clesse (RWTH, Aachen, Germany).

Modified gravity

Born-Infeld inspired theories. Although General Relativity has proven to be very successful in the scales where it has been tested, when going to high curvature regimes it is commons the appearance of singularities like the Big Bang and/or black holes singularities. This motivates the modification of gravity in such a regime to try to regularize those singularities. We study a natural extension of these models and study their predictions in cosmology and astrophysics

External collaborators: Jose Beltran Jimenez (CPT, Université de Marseille), Lavinia Heisenberg (University of Stockholm), Gonzalo Olmo (University of Valencia).

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Cascading dust inflation in Born-Infeld gravity
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Lavinia Heisenberg, Gonzalo J. Olmo and Christophe Ringeval
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JCAP 1511 (2015) 046
Refereed paper. 22nd September.


On the consistency of universally non-minimally coupled f(R,T,RT) theories
Ismael Ayuso, Jose Beltran Jimenez and Alvaro de la Cruz Dombriz
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys.Rev. D91, 104003 (2015)
Refereed paper. 9th December.
Infrared lessons for ultraviolet gravity: the case of massive gravity and Born-Infeld
Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Lavinia Heisenberg and Gonzalo Olmo
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JCAP 1411 (2014) 004
Refereed paper. 30th October.
Backreaction mechanism in multifluid and extended cosmologies
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Alvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz, P.K.S. Dunsby and Diego Saez-Gomez
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JCAP 1405 (2014) 031
Refereed paper. 17th March.
Anisotropic expansion and SNIa: an open issue
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Vincenzo Salzano and Ruth Lazkoz
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys. Lett. B741, 168 (2015)
Refereed paper. 3rd March.

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