Ioannis Tsinikos
Postdoc. Funding: FNRS.

Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology - CP3
Université catholique de Louvain
2, Chemin du Cyclotron - Box L7.01.05
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
+32 10 473224
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I am involved in the following research direction:

Electroweak corrections

Automation of the calculation of NLO Electroweak corrections and phenomenological studies of their impact on Standard-Model and Beyond-the-Standard-Model processes at colliders.

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Top-quark pair production at NNLO QCD + NLO EW accuracy: Tevatron results
Michal Czakon, David Heymes, Alexander Mitov, Davide Pagani, Ioannis Tsinikos, Marco Zaro
[Abstract] [PDF] Proceedings to top2017
Contribution to proceedings. 12th December.
The top-quark charge asymmetry at the LHC and Tevatron through NNLO QCD and NLO EW
Michal Czakon, David Heymes, Alexander Mitov, Davide Pagani, Ioannis Tsinikos, Marco Zaro
[Abstract] [PDF] Submitted to PRD.
Refereed paper. 7th November.
EW corrections on top-quark pair production: the impact of the photon PDF
Ioannis Tsinikos
[Full text] Conference proceedings, DIS2017
Contribution to proceedings. 29th June.
Top-pair production at the LHC through NNLO QCD and NLO EW
M. Czakon, D. Heymes, A. Mitov, D. Pagani, I. Tsinikos, M. Zaro
[Abstract] [PDF] [Full text] Submitted to JHEP.
10th May.


EW corrections to $t \bar t$ distributions: the photon PDF effect
Tsinikos, Ioannis
[Abstract] [PDF] Conference proceedings for the top2016 Workshop, 19-23 September 2016, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Contribution to proceedings. 24th November.

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Contact : Jérôme de Favereau
Job opportunities Postdoctoral Position on the CMS tracker upgrade for HL-LHC
Postdoctoral position: Search for Hidden Sector mediations at NA62 experiment
EOS be.h : 10 PhD positions
Postdoctoral position: Data Analysis and GTK operation for NA62 experiment