Julien Caudron
Former member
PhD student in CP3 from September 2006 to September 2011
Current position: Postdoc at RWTH Aachen.
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Studies of Tracker Material
The CMS Collaboration
[Full text]
Public experimental note. 8th February.
Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
The CMS Collaboration
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP
Refereed paper. 8th February.


Expectations for observation of top-quark pair production in the dileptonic final state in early CMS data at √s=10 TeV
J. Caudron for the CMS Collaboration
[Journal] [Full text] Proceedings of TOP2010: 3rd International Workshop on Top Quark Physics
Contribution to proceedings. 31st December.
Measurement of the ttbar cross section in the dileptonic channels with track-jets at 7 TeV
J. Caudron, A. Giammanco, A. Pin, V. Lemaitre
[Full text] Analysis Note 2010/195
Private experimental note. 31st December.
First Measurement of the Cross Section for Top-Quark Pair Production in Proton-Proton Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV
CMS collaboration
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Physics Letters B
Refereed paper. 31st December.

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Contact : Jérôme de Favereau
Job opportunities Post-doctoral positions in BSM phenomenology at colliders and in astrophysics
Postdoctoral Position on advanced analysis techniques applied to the CMS di-Higgs study
Post-doctoral positions in collider phenomenology and particle astrophysics
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