Xavier Calmet
Former member
Postdoc in CP3 from January 2008 to September 2009
Current position: Permanent at University of Sussex (UK).
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I am involved in the following research direction:

Collider signatures of a low scale gravity

Study of the potential effects (such as black hole production) of a low scale gravity at the LHC.

Modifications of the Higgs sector

We study modifications of the Higgs sector which involve Higgs bosons with anomalous scaling dimensions and/or hidden sectors.

Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity

We study the renormalization of the Planck mass including quantum gravity effects and study potential experimental tests.

Publications in CP3
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Massless versus Kaluza-Klein Gravitons at the LHC
Xavier Calmet, Priscila de Aquino and Thomas G. Rizzo
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Full text] Published in Phys. Lett., B682, 2010, 446-449.
Refereed paper. 8th October.
Quantum Gravity at the LHC
Xavier Calmet, Priscila de Aquino
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Full text] Published in Eur. Phys. J., C68, 2010, 305-311.
Refereed paper. 1st June.
Effective Theory for Dark Matter and a New Force in the Dark Matter Sector
Xavier Calmet, Swarup Kumar Majee
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys.Lett.B679:267-269,2009.
Refereed paper. 7th May.


Invisible Higgs boson, continuous mass fields and unHiggs mechanism
X. Calmet, N. Deshpande, X.G. He, S. Hsu
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys.Rev.D79 (2009), 0550121
Refereed paper. 13th October.
Quantum Gravitational Effects and Grand Unification
Xavier Calmet, Stephen D. H. Hsu, and David Reeb
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] to appear in the proceedings of SUSY08, Seoul.
Contribution to proceedings. 23rd September.
Bound on four-dimensional Planck mass
X. Calmet and M. Feliciangeli
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] published in Phys. Rev. D78, 067702, 2008.
Refereed paper. 26th June.
Colorful quantum black holes at the LHC
Calmet, Xavier and Gong, Wei and Hsu, Stephen D. H.
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] published in Phys. Lett. B668, 20-23, 2008
Refereed paper. 26th June.
Grand unification and enhanced quantum gravitational effects
Xavier Calmet, Stephen D. H. Hsu, David Reeb
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 171802, 2008.
Refereed paper. 29th April.
Quantum gravity at a TeV and the renormalization of Newton's constant
Xavier Calmet, Stephen D. H. Hsu, David Reeb
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] published in Phys. Rev. D77, 125015, 2008
Refereed paper. 29th April.

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