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Postodoctoral position in SoLid

Ref.: EOS-beh-SoLid-postdoc

Announced: 1st July 2018
Applications are now closed


In the context of the EOS (Excellence of Science) program in Belgium , the project "be.h - The H boson gateway to physics beyond Standard Model” that started on of Jan 1st 2018, as a collaboration among Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), ULB, U. Gent, and U. Antwerpen and VUB.

Within this program, the university of Antwerpen offers a postdoctoral position (2 + 2 years) to be filled as soon as possible in the topic of “Search for sterile neutrinos with SoLid”. The applicant should have a PhD in phenomenology or experimental high energy physics at the time of the appointment and being in mobility.

The chosen candidate research activity will take a leading role in the search for sterile neutrinos via their decay in flight in the SoLid detector. SoLid is a very short baseline neutrino detector that operates at 6m distance from the core of the Belgian BR2 reactor. Is is based on a compound scintillation technology with a high level of segmentation. The SoLid collaboration consists of nearly 50 members from 10 institutes spread over Belgium, France, the UK and the USA. The candidate will take responsibilities in the online operations of the experiment, and in the analysis of collected data. The analysis focus of this project will be to search for the decay-in-flight signature of an electron anti-neutrino oscillating to a heavy sterile counterpart in the mass range of [500 keV-10 MeV]. The candidate is expected to have an outstanding record of research activity in particle physics, both in analysis and in detector operations.

The successful candidate will join and reinforce the SoLid group at the particle physics laboratory of the university of Antwerpen, and will spend a significant time at the experimental site, which is the Belgian nuclear research centre, SCK-CEN. The application should contain a CV, the list of publications and a brief research statement. Three recommendation letters should be also arranged.

Letters of application and three recommendation letters from senior scientists should be submitted using the online form only.

All the material should be sent preferably by July 31st. The successful applicant is encouraged to start latest in the beginning of October.

Reference person: Nick van Remortel (

[UCLouvain] - [SST] [IRMP] - [SC]
Contact : Jérôme de Favereau
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