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Most precise measurement of the Z+b-jets process

For the first time, the Z+b-jets process has been measured as a function of the b-jet multiplicity. In line with the spirit of CP3, the analysis benefited from direct interaction between experimentalists and phenomenologists, and members of CP3 have significantly contributed to this study, e.g. to the identification of b jets, as well as the background estimates using MadWeight. The CMS measurements are used to test various predictions from event generators, a.o. MadGraph and aMC@NLO, that both have been partially developed at CP3, and data favour the predictions in the five-flavour scheme, where b quarks are assumed massless. Furthermore, kinematic properties of the reconstructed particles in the Z+bb final state are tested, which is of interest for studies of the H-boson in the H->bb decay, as well as in searches for extensions of the Standard Model. Read more...
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Higgs production in association with bottom quarks
Wiesemann, M. and Frederix, R. and Frixione, S. and Hirschi, V. and Maltoni, F. and others
[Abstract] [PDF] 33 pages, To be submitted to JHEP
Refereed paper. 16th September.

XQCAT: eXtra Quark Combined Analysis Tool
Barducci, D. and Belyaev, A. and Buchkremer, M. and Marrouche, J. and Moretti, S. and others
[Abstract] [PDF] 16 pages, 2 figures ; to be submitted to Computer Physics Communications.
Refereed paper. 11th September.

Central $\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ production via photon-photon fusion in proton-proton collisions with proton dissociation
Gustavo Gil da Silveira, Laurent Forthomme, Krzysztof Piotrzkowski, Wolfgang Sch\"afer, and Antoni Szczurek
[Abstract] [PDF] 26 pages, 40 figures, 2 tables, submitted to JHEP
Refereed paper. 4th September.

The Physics Department at UCLouvain has been involved for a number of decades in high energy particle physics research, equally strongly on the experimental and instrumental fronts as on the theoretical one. In spite of being located in physically distinct places, all these activities are now brought together within a common organisational structure, the Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3). This structure reinforces the collaboration of these varied components and competences in the physics of the fundamental interactions and the elementary particles.

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