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Top quarks: still there at 13 TeV!

In occasion of the EPS-HEP conference, to demonstrate the good performance of the detector at the Run-II start-up, the CMS collaboration has released the first illustrative event displays and distributions of observables designed to study top-quark events. The data set consists of the first 41 inverse picobarns of proton-proton collisions recorded by the CMS detector at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV with a magnetic field of 3.8 Tesla in the solenoid, during the LHC development run with a bunch spacing of 50 ns that took place in July 2015. Although the first quantitative statements will only be released later, these very early data already demonstrate unambiguous presence of the top-quark pair signal (also confirmed at the same conference by the ATLAS collaboration with 6 inverse picobarns) and early hints of single top. CP3 members are involved in these early studies. Read more...

has a new CP3 director

On Wednesday 24, the CP3 council has elected Fabio Maltoni has our new CP3 director. He will start his mandate in september 2015 for a period of three years. Congratulation! Read more...
Top quarks: still there... | has a new CP3 director
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First look at top-quark selections with 13 TeV data
CMS collaboration
[Full text] CMS Detector Performance Note released in occasion of the EPS-HEP 2015 conference
Public experimental note. 24th July.

Search Strategies for TeV Scale Fermionic Top Partners with Charge 2/3
Mihailo Backovic, Thomas Flacke, Jeong Han Kim, Seung J. Lee
Refereed paper. 22nd July.

Associated production of a top-quark pair with vector bosons at NLO in QCD: impact on ttH searches at the LHC
Fabio Maltoni, Davide Pagani, Ioannis Tsinikos
[Abstract] [PDF] To be submitted to JHEP.
Refereed paper. 15th July.

The Physics Department at UCLouvain has been involved for a number of decades in high energy particle physics research, equally strongly on the experimental and instrumental fronts as on the theoretical one. In spite of being located in physically distinct places, all these activities are now brought together within a common organisational structure, the Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3). This structure reinforces the collaboration of these varied components and competences in the physics of the fundamental interactions and the elementary particles.

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