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The most accurate prediction for Higgs production at the LHC

Claude Duhr and collaborators have provided predictions for the QCD production cross section of a Higgs boson at the LHC at an unprecedented accuracy. This result is the most difficult (N3LO) computation for such an observable ever made. The theoretical uncertainty on the production cross section has reduced by a factor of two, an important step towards a precise determination of the properties of the newly discovered scalar boson. Read more...
The most accurate...
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Latest preprints

General relativistic corrections to $N$-body simulations and the Zel'dovich approximation
Fidler, Christian and Rampf, Cornelius and Tram, Thomas and Crittenden, Robert and Koyama, Kazuya and others
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. 21st May.

Direct Detection of Dark Matter with MadDM v.2.0
Backovic, Mihailo and Kong, Kyoungchul and Martini, Antony and Mattelaer, Olivier and Mohlabeng, Gopolang
[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. 15th May.

Heavy baryons as polarimeters at colliders
Galanti, Mario and Giammanco, Andrea and Grossman, Yuval and Kats, Yevgeny and Stamou, Emmanuel and others
[Abstract] [PDF]
14th May.

The Physics Department at UCLouvain has been involved for a number of decades in high energy particle physics research, equally strongly on the experimental and instrumental fronts as on the theoretical one. In spite of being located in physically distinct places, all these activities are now brought together within a common organisational structure, the Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3). This structure reinforces the collaboration of these varied components and competences in the physics of the fundamental interactions and the elementary particles.

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